playlist for 5-21-09

I got a little flustered near the end. I think it's because I checked the stats of the internet stream, and I had a surprising amount of listeners. Also, I forgot that although the Dead Milkmen are adorable punk kids, they are also *punk kids,* and that means that they cuss a lot. I can't play that!

I played a lot of certain artists. Those artists are italicized. Why did I play them so much? Because they are good
, and their music is varied enough that I can play half the album and you'd never catch on!

I also played certain songs that I have played at least four or five times before. Again
, this is because they are good songs (they are bolded). It has nothing to do with the essay that I have due today. Promise.

balkan beat box - adir adirim (nickodemus remix) - nu made (remixes)
mexican institute of sound - karate kid 2 - soy sauce
architecture in helsinki -that beep - that beep (ep)
freezepop - i am not your gameboy

jeremy jay - gallop - slow dance
ladybug transistor - like a summer rain - the abermale sound
forever amber - bits of my life, bits of your life - the love cycle
the veils - sit down by the fire - sun gangs

dr dog - the world may never know - easy beat
jeremy jay - do you want to dance? - slow dance
jens lekman - into eternity - night falls over kortedala

amadou & mariam - sabali - welcome to mali
jens lekman - kanske ar jag kar i dig - night falls over kortedala
dr dog - we all belong - we all belong

moondog - enough about human rights!
amadou & mariam - masitdeladi - welcome to mali
fujiya & miyagi - knickerbocker - lightbulbs

cha cha cha - sweet dreams - around the world w/ senor coconut

frank black - i wanna live on an abstract plain - teenager of the year
jeremy jay - in this lonely town - slow dance
the pastels - nothing to be done - sittin' pretty
frank black - headache - teenager of the year

conor oberst and the mystic valley band - air mattress - outer south
st. christopher - say yes to everything - say yes to everything (ep)
the field mice - sensitive - sensitive (ep)
the nerves - hangin on the telephone - one way ticket

dead milkmen - big lizard - big lizard in my backyard
heavenly - PUNK girl - the rise and fall of...
like honey - airport - youtube
camera obscura - honey in the sun - my maudlin career


playlist for 5-14-9

Today, I played three songs from Amadou & Mariam, and two tracks from Colossal Yes. This is because they are both very good groups with a sound that cannot be pinned down!

ear pwr - super animal bros. iii - super animal bros iii
panda bear - take pills - person pitch
brian eno - third uncle - taking tiger mountain
clues - you have my eyes now - clues

the field mice - canada - skywriting + other singles
colossal yes - theyfeast onus/wefeed onthem - charlamagne's big thaw
ladybug transistor - six times - abermale sound
saturday looks good to me - ambulance - SLGTM

amadou & mariam - ce n'est pas bon - welcome to mali
sylvie vartan - abracadabra - the best of sylvie vartan
oscar sulley - bukom mashie - [ghana 1973]
canned heat - poor moon - uncanned!

the chameleons UK - tears - strange times
spearmint - a week away - a week away
the fall - no bulbs - the wonderful + frightening world of...
the three o clock - i go wild - baroque hoedown
the sea urchins - cling film - stardust

sam prekop - c+f - who's your new professor
amadou & mariam - djuru - welcome to mali

the clean - anything could happen - the clean anthology
the brilliant corners - with a kiss - somebody up there likes me
the family cat - from the city to the sea - tell em we're surfin'

the aquabats - my skateboard - the fury of the aquabats
the ladybug transistor - like a summer rain - the abermale sound
asobi seksu - gliss - hush
amadou & mariam - welcome to mali - welcome to mali


playlist for 5-7-09

The asterisks mean new releases! Also, please consider...erm...donating some money to KUCI. Support college radio and independent music...handy link down at the bottom of this blog.

* architecture in helsinki - that beep (radioclit swedish remix) - that beep (ep)
* the faunts - feel.love.thinking.of. - feel.love.thinking.of.

willie mitchell - that driving beat - that driving beat
joe bataan - rap o clap o - mestizo

todd rundgren - breathless - something / anything?
soft machine - as long as he lies perfectly still - volume two
ian dury - don't ask me - do it yourself

* chain and the gang - chain gang theme (in progress) - down with liberty...up with chains!
mickey moonlight - interplanetary music - interplanetary music
spearmint - a week away - a week away
fujiya & miyagi - knickerbocker - lightbulbs

the move - blackberry way - something
peter sarstedt - where do you go to my lovely - where do you go to my lovely (ep)
harry nilsson - the moonbeam song - nilsson schmilsson
the stranglers - golden brown - feline

* jenny owen youngs - here is a heart - transmitter failure
lisa hannigan - i don't know - sea sew
kask - summer is here - summer is here (ep)
* thunder power - lucky to be alive - love yourself

sam prekop - c+f - who's your new professor
ms john soda - scan the ways - notes and the like

the replacements - seen your video - let it be
frank black - i wanna live on an abstract plain - teenager of the year
television personalities - and don't the kids just love it - yes darling, but is it art?

new buffalo - come back - the last beautiful day
josephine foster - hazel eyes, i will lead you - hazel eyes...

* st. vincent (annie clark) -laughing with a mouthful of blood - actor
look blue go purple - cactus cat - LGBPEPs
* camera obscura - honey in the sun - my maudlin career