playlist for 2/24/2010

Today is a cloudy day. Time for sunny music!

~sweet girls~
sambassadeur - stranded - european
el perro del mar - somebody's baby - from the valley to the stars
headlights - telephone - wildlife
clare and the reasons - you're getting me - arrow

~cute girls~
lisa hannigan - i don't know - sea sew
stefana fratila - vista voyager - salade de mouche
thao and the get down stay down - trouble was for - know better learn faster
(breakfast psa by me and chad)

~soul mamas~
carolyn crawford - good and plenty - conquer the world: lost soul of philadelphia
carla thomas - i can't take it - dave godin's deep soul treasures
mary wells - what are you gonna do when i'm gone - 22 greatest hits
gladys knight & the pips - if i were your woman

~mesmerizing ladies~
midnight masses - i was a desperate man - rapture ready, i gazed at the body
cat power - he war - s/t
holly miranda - forest green, oh forest green - the magician's private library

~lol i can play this on the air~
the beatles - she's leaving home - luciano albo motown remix
coldplay - clocks - buena vista social club arrangement

~bare weirdness~
holger czukay - photo song - der osten ist rot
get back guinozzi - baby baby - carpet madness
the xx - islands - xx

~distortion rules~
magnetic fields - california girls - distortion
golden triangle - blood and arrow - double jointer
jeff the brotherhood - bone jam - heavy days

~damn this is just gonna be a good day~
atlas sound - doctor (five discs cover) - virtual 7" no 8
the clean - anything could happen - anthology
nana grizol - arthur hall - ruth
the nerves - hanging on the telephone

~more garage jangly stuff~
the ropers - please understand - the world is fire
the golden boys - older than you - casual victim pile
episode six - my little red book - love, hate, revenge
the soft pack - down on loving - soft pack

~lots of beats and smooth sounds~
yo la tengo - saturday - and then nothing turned itself inside out
the ruby suns - cranberry - fightsoftly
the very best - warm heart of africa - warm heart of africa
efterklang - raincoats - magic chairs


playlist for 2/17/10

I noticed that I've been playing a lot of "sunny indie" and "bright soul," but the "hazy folk" has been lacking lately. So today is a special mostly-folk day. (I'll also be posting a folk compilation on this blog later on.) Enjoy!

karen o & squeak e. clean - hello tomorrow - nike commercial
bridget st. john - i want to be with you in the sun - ask me no questions
linda perhacs - if you were my man - paralellograms
diane cluck - easy to be around - oh vanille

el perro del mar - dog - s/t
dutchess and the duke - living this life makes it hard - sunset/sunrise
devendra banhart - can't help but smiling - what will we be
flight of the conchords - carol brown - i told you i was freaky

frank black - atom in my heart - honeycomb
sui generis - necesito - s/t
incredible string band - first girl i loved - chelsea sessions 1967

josephine foster - where there are trees - hazel eyes, i will lead you
linda perhacs - hey, who really cares? - parallelograms
headlights - wisconsin beaches - wildlife

sibylle baier - tonight - the colour green
sebadoh - total peace - iii
microphones - i'll not contain you - the glow pt 2

fireman's hula - makapuu sand band - winds of waimanalo
the mountain goats - phillippians 3:20-1 - the life of the world to come
kings of convenience - peacetime resistance - declaration of dependence

daniel johnston - mind movies - is & always was
matt's dad - wladyslaw vol 1 - matt's tumblr
diane cluck - my teacher died - countless times

the carter family - single girl, married girl - carter family, vol 2
didier herbert - i woke up one morning in may - anthology of american folk music

josephine foster - hazel eyes, i will lead you - hazel eyes...
joanna newsom - peach, plum, pear - the milk-eyed mender
sarah june - cowboy - in black robes
el perro del mar - god knows (you gotta give to get) - s/t

charlotte gainsbourg - master's hands - irm
i hate you, just kidding - the bird and the bee - myspace

feist - my moon my man - grizzly bear remix
the blow - parentheses (rory phillips remix)
headlights - cherry tulips (tj lipple remix) - remixes

magnetic fields - better things - realism
craig ramsey - going to bed - parting songs for a party girl

download today's show here!!



It's Valentine's Day. OK. Here's my gift to one Amanda J. Smellorz.

I was watching Tyra the other day, and Tyra was like, "Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to show the ones you love that you love 'em. Doesn't have to be a romantic love. You could be like, 'hey best friend, here's some perfume.' Some designer perfume, maybe? Like the kind that MY STUDIO AUDIENCE IS GETTING TODAY WHOOOO"

I don't have the cash to buy you designer perfume, but using the powers of The Internet (which I just downloaded), I can give you something better.

If I gave you a real bunny in a little hat, for instance, Rico the cat would probably play with it and end up hurting the bunny and/or stealing his hat.

But here's a picture of a bunny in a hat instead.



And even though I can be difficult sometimes...

You just yank on my leash and pull my corgi ass out of the snow.

And Julio too.

And Matt and Evan and Jon and Abe and Ashley and Francisco and etc etc etc



playlist for 2/10/2010

Hello :)

antonio carlos jobim - aguas de marco - rio revisited
francoise hardy - suzanne (leonard cohen) - comment te dire adieu
clare and the reasons - you're gettin me - arrow
the sundays - here's where the story ends - reading, writing and arithmetic

get back guinozzi - where are you? - carpet madness (matt's suggestion!)
asobi seksu - thursday - citrus
beach house - used to be - teen dream

magnetic fields - yeah! oh, yeah! - 69 love songs
echo and the bunnymen - silver - ocean rain
the sea urchins - summershine - stardust
nana grizol - gave on - ruth

the thermals - now we can see - now we can see
thao with the get down stay down - body - know better learn faster
60 watt kid - waking up on a lost road - we come from the bright side

beach house - don't go chasin' waterfalls - candid youtube moment

thao with the get down stay down - beat (health life fire) - we brave bee stings and all
stefana fratila - vista voyager - salade de mouche
magnetic fields - i don't really love you anymore - i
dent may & his magnificent ukulele - at the academic conference - the good feeling music of...

sui generis - cancion para mi muerte - 20 grandes exitos
kim weston - you can do it! - the motown anthology
brenda holloway - who could ever doubt my love? - the motown anthology
barbara acklin - am i the same girl? (soulful strut) - youtube

diane cluck - 1/2 a million miles from home - oh vanille
episode six - cottonfields - love, hate, revenge
the drums - let's go surfin' - summertime (request from bill! thanks, bill!)
the dBs - neverland - neverland

jon brion - cubes - i ♥ huckabees soundtrack
van dyke parks - the all-golden - song cycle
black lights - girls on the beach (beach boys remix) - locals only

magnetic fields - (crazy for you but) not that crazy - 69 love songs
michael leviton - summer's the worst - my favorite place to drown
pwrfl pwr - wndrfl ghost - electrified fruits

constantines & feist - islands in the stream - limited edition 7"
mary wells + the andantes - i only have eyes for you - ...sings "my guy"


2/3/2010: Chad from DEATHDAY PARTY as guest!

This Friday afternoon, + Deathday Party will be coming to UCI via Acrobatics Everyday. Vivian Girls will play a lovely rare acoustic set, and the up-and-coming Deathday Party will be opening for them with their more experimental, distorted sound.

Are you guys ready for this? One of the members of Deathday Party is actually my good friend Chad. He'll be stopping by the studio today to help me out with my show (again). Chad's playlist (full of strange post-punk and no-wave) will be marked by (c)s, while new releases, as usual, are marked in italics.

episode six - incense - love, hate, revenge
king khan and the bbq show - spin the bottle - invisible girl
the knickerbockers - lies - lies ('65)
the outlaws - crazy drums - crazy drums ('61)

the seeds - can't seem to make you mine - the seeds ('65)
saturday looks good to me - i wish i could cry - s/t
the ventures - telstar - best of the ventures ('63)
gigi (feat. mirah) - won't someone tell me? - maintenant

beach house - real love - teen dream
asobi seksu - walk on the moon - rewolf
thao with the get down stay down - good bye good luck - know better learn faster

(c) warpaint - elephants - warpaint
tan dollar - doug jam - your body as a temple
(c) washed out - new theory - life of leisure
(c) neu! - isi - s/t

(c) suicide - ghost rider - first album
(c + r) sleigh bells - crown on da ground - [independent release]
deathday party - blood on a summer - [demo tapes]

(c) brian eno - mother whale eyeless - taking tiger mountain
(c) public image ltd - swan lake - metal box
la bionda - wanna be your lover - wanna be your lover (ep)

polysics - time out - absolute polysics
polysics - young oh oh! - absolute polysics
here's my interview with em !!)
pizzicato 5 - twiggy twiggy - this year's girl

(c) vivian girls - where do you run to? - s/t
episode six - i can see through you - love, hate, revenge
thomas function - day in the shade - in the valley of sickness

(c) james white and the blacks - contort yourself (august darnell remix) - off-white
ian dury + the blockheads - don't ask me - do it yourself

(c) lizzy mercier descioux - jim on the move - press color
canned heat -poor moon - uncanned!

(c) animal collective - purple bottle - feels
linda perhacs - chimacum rain - parallelograms

download the show here!