playlist for 9/24/09 (sub)

This was the last time subbing for Truffle Shuffle and "DJ Naptime." Next week: same bat channel, new bat time (Saturdays from 7-9am)!

Incidentally, this was also the first show that I did as a 21 year old :)

~ neato indie rock ~
the bats - claudine - thousands of tiny luminous spheres
special needs - blue skies - funfairs & heartbreak
the waves pictures - i love you like a madman - instant coffee baby
jeremy jay - in this lonely town - slow dance

~ whimsical and fey ~
pants yell! - two french sisters - alison statton
hello seahorse! - ok!...lobster - hoy a las ocho
pipas - barbapapa - a cat escaped

~ sultry 60s sound ~
the greenhornes feat. holly golightly - there is an end - broken flowers
the pretty things - you don't believe me - get the picture
allt har ett slut - florence valentin - pokervall i varby gard

~ indie torch tunes ~
bon iver - flume - for emma, forever ago
man man - van helsing boombox - six demon bag
elvis perkins - while you were sleeping - while you were sleeping

~ more indie songs to croon softly to yourself ~
jens lekman - the opposite of hallelujah - night falls over kortedala
castanets - down the line, love - texas rose, the thaw, and the beast
magnetic fields - chicken with its head cut off - 69 love songs
the field mice - if you need someone - skywriting

~ songs for struttin' ~
the nerves - hangin on the telephone - one way ticket
wax tailor - how i feel - tales of the forgotten melodies
magnetic fields - all you ever do is walk away - holiday
lou barlow - the right - goodnight unknown

~ folk time! ~
jackson c frank - goodbye to my loving you - blues run the game
rev. f. w. mcgee - fifty miles of elbow room - american folk music
django reinhart & stephane grappelli - appel direct - swing from paris
the carter family - single girl, married girl - last.fm

~ soul time! ~
bobby womack - across 110th street - american gangster soundtrack
gladys knight and the pips - if i were your woman - amazing youtube
tyrone davis - a woman needs to be loved - 20 greatest hits
cerrone - love in c minor - dreamy disco youtube

~ brazillian psychadelic acoustic funk rock c.1971!! ~
novos baianos - preta prehina - acabou chorare


playlist for 9/17/09 (sub)

Today was a low-key indie rock day, colored by the announcement that the members of Pavement, perhaps the moodiest sunny band*, are going to reunite.

New releases are in italics, as usual (lately).

dr. dog - the rabbit, the bat and the reindeer - fate
bressa creeting cake - palm singing - bressa creeting cake
like honey - airport - airport (ep)
dr. dog - ain't it strange - we all belong

why? - berkely by hearseback - eskimo snow
mike oldfield and maggie reilly - to france - live performance 1984
samra lubelski - field the mine - future slip
vivian girls - tension - everything goes wrong

pavement - shady lane - brighten the corners
the bodines - slip slide - played
the go-betweens - that way - bella terrace
the pastels - zooom - sitting pretty

darling buds - it's all up to you - it's all up to you (ep)
the shop assistants - i don't wanna be friends with you
shonen knife - super group - super group
heavenly - PUNK girl - PUNK girl (ep)

gorky's zygotic mynci - the game of eyes - introducing...
of montreal - cato as a pun - hissing fauna, are you the destroyer?
animal collective - guy's eyes - merriweather post pavilion
bird names - i had a girl - sings the browns

the bluebells - cath - sisters
the go-betweens - head full of steam - bella terrace

m. ashraf - dama dam mast qalandar - "the sound of wonder! : the first wave of plugged-in pop at the pakistani picture house"
bendaly remy - do you love me

of montreal - everything disappears... - cherry peel
okkervil river - dead dog song - don't fall in love with everyone you see
the mountain goats - home again garden grove - we shall all be healed
gillian welch - winter's come and gone - hell among the yearlings

pavement - cut your hair - cut your hair (ep)
kaki king - montreal - dreaming of revenge

*As opposed to the sunniest moody band, The Smiths. Clearly.


disco music about robots

On today's show, I gave my listeners a small glimpse into the magical world of Space Disco.

In the late '70s, people were crazy about space. Everyone became endlessly fascinated by every new automatic appliance and "computer"; Star Wars and Star Trek fueled the public demand for space operas.
So space was huge.
Almost as huge as disco.

So, the space-themed disco songs started popping up all over the radio, especially in Italy and Germany, for so
me very strange and inexplicable reason. Space Disco had an even shorter shelf-life than Regular Disco; its peak was in 1977 (guess which movie was released in that year). But even curiouser...

Within that sliver of a genre of Space Disco, there is a running trope of songs about robots. Being in love with robots. Being a robot. Meeting robots. Dancing with robots. Robots in space. Robots on Earth. Girl robots trapping you in space caves. Boy robots that can never love you back. All sorts of robots!

I've found almost 50 of these songs.

I can hardly believe it myself.

Check out my youtube playlist. It's a parsec fulla fun.

playlist for 9/15/09 from 4-6pm (sub)

All-genre show "Monkeys Invade the Heaven Palace" allows for wonderful eclecticism!

~ soft and strange ~
larkin grimm - blond and golden johns - parplar
the microphones - i'll not contain you - the glow pt 2
beach house - home again - devotion
headlights - cherry tulips - some racing, some stopping

~ sarah records/flying nun records(-esque!)~
the bats - claudine - thousands of tiny luminous spheres
math & physics club - weekends away - weekends away ep
the clean - in the dream life u need a rubber soul - mister pop
poppyheads - pictures you weave - sarah records singles
st. christopher - my fortune - sarah records singles

~crazy 8 piece indie rock~
los campesinos! - you! me! dancing! - hold on now youngsters
why? - january twenty something - eskimo snow
the world/inferno friendship society - addicted to bad ideas - w/ifs
mt. righteous - when the child awakes - when the music starts

~disco music about robots~
la bionda - wanna be your lover - youtube
andrew thompson - we're in business - i'm not likely to change
meco - star wars disco - youtube
the galactic force band - star trek disco - glorious youtube

~sweet sweet afro-beat~
the incredible bongo band - apache - bongo rock
the ogyatanaa show band - ageisheka - ghana soundz vol2
the sweet talks - eyi su nhaangaa - ghana soundz vol2
lord kitchener - take you meat out me rice - youtube

~winding down~
duke ellington - east st. louis toodle-oo - duke: the complete works
dent may - god loves you, michael chang - the good feeling music of...
final fantasy - i'm afraid of japan - he poos clouds
eels - bus stop boxer - eels w/ strings, live at town hall

~"these songs are so true"~
johnny cash - folsom prison blues - at folsom prison
yo la tengo - if it's true - popular songs
m. ward - vincent o'brien - transfiguration of vincent
holger czukay - photo song - der osten ist rot


playlist for 9/10/09 and possibly 9/3/09 (sub)

I've been subbing for Truffle Shuffle the past couple of weeks (Thursday mornings, 6-8am PST). This show generally plays indie rock, but I always find myself slipping weird little tunes in there. Keeps me on my toes in that early morning.

I found loads of songs listed in an e-mail draft; I think this is two shows combined. In fact, I know this is two shows combined, because there were lots of repeats. I've deleted the any redundancies, so now, here you go, 4 hours of early morning subbing condensed into 3 hours of solid music blocks.

Italicized tracks are new releases!

sneaky feelings - husband house - positively george street
honeydrips - wait for the grief to come - here comes the future
gillian welch - everything is free - time
edson - friends - unwind with edson

robby benson - blue balloon (the hourglass song) - the soundtrack from the hit film "jeremy" (1973)
eels - the longing - hombre lobo (12 songs of desire)
dark dark dark - benefit of the doubt - love you, bye [ep]
the numbers - golden arm + black hand - don't throw me away

micah blue smaldone - springtime blues - some sweet day
Nagisa Ni Te - Me, On the Beach - on the love beach
final fantasy - song song song - he poos clouds
fool's gold - nadine - fool's gold

devendra banhart - lover - smokey rolls down thunder
the belles - melvin (gloria) - riot city!
the sorrows - take a heart - take a heart
harry nilsson - jump into the fire - nilsson schmilsson

tyrone davis - a woman needs to be loved - the ultimate tyrone davis
ruby andrews - just lovin you - the zodiac sessions 1967-73
fats waller - your feets too big - the joint is jumpin'
wendy rene - after the laughter (comes tears) - shaolin soul episode 1
cat anderson - don't get around much anymore - cat anderson and the ellington all stars

public service announcement music: stelios "efige" requested by khalil.

fool's gold - the world is all there is - fool's gold
old time relijun - garden of pomegrantes - catharsis in crisis
amadou & miriam - compagnon de lavie - welcome to mali
the phenomenal handclap band - baby - self-titled

taken by trees - greyest love of all - east of eden
samra lubelski - future slip - future hold
dark dark dark - the benefit of the doubt - the snow magic
camera obscura - before you cry - underachievers please try harder

yo la tengo - if it's true - popular songs
saturday looks good to me - lift me up - every night
pants yell! - two french sisters - alison statton
lucksmiths - the chapter in your life entitled san francisco - warmer corners
the thrills - one horse town - so much for the city

the lodger - the good old days - life is sweet
yo la tengo - all your secrets - popular songs
magnetic fields - i wish i had an evil twin - i

dent may - meet me in the garden - the good feeling music of dent may and his magnificent ukulele
okkervil river - unless it's kicks - the stage names
clap your hands say yeah - upong this tidal wave of young blood
jesus and mary chain - head on - live in oslo 2007
the clean - anything could happen - the anthology