disco music about robots

On today's show, I gave my listeners a small glimpse into the magical world of Space Disco.

In the late '70s, people were crazy about space. Everyone became endlessly fascinated by every new automatic appliance and "computer"; Star Wars and Star Trek fueled the public demand for space operas.
So space was huge.
Almost as huge as disco.

So, the space-themed disco songs started popping up all over the radio, especially in Italy and Germany, for so
me very strange and inexplicable reason. Space Disco had an even shorter shelf-life than Regular Disco; its peak was in 1977 (guess which movie was released in that year). But even curiouser...

Within that sliver of a genre of Space Disco, there is a running trope of songs about robots. Being in love with robots. Being a robot. Meeting robots. Dancing with robots. Robots in space. Robots on Earth. Girl robots trapping you in space caves. Boy robots that can never love you back. All sorts of robots!

I've found almost 50 of these songs.

I can hardly believe it myself.

Check out my youtube playlist. It's a parsec fulla fun.

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